GVS Brings Vision to Central America


When GVS partnered with RestoringVision earlier this year, our goal was to bring clear vision to as many people as possible. As a part of our “See Well, Do Good” program, we recently traveled to Guatemala, bringing with us nearly 100,000 pairs of glasses for distribution, and hope for one of the world’s greatest health problems. While the humanitarian initiative has a long way to go before reaching everyone in need, the Central American trip represented a leap forward for both the charity effort as well as the Guatemalan people.

Vision correction has been shown to increase productivity by up to 35%, which in turn leads to higher satisfaction and fulfillment in recipients. Fernando, a Guatemalan City electrician and “See Well, Do Good” beneficiary, marveled at his newfound vision, saying, “The glasses have been a great help, it’s like having good vision again, like having young eyes again.” Each donation changes the lives and families of recipients. Many elderly were helpless without the aid of their grandchildren’s sight and received great benefit from their new glasses. With their improved eyesight, they found independence again, allowing their young caretakers to return to their daily school or work activities.

With over 2.5 billion people still suffering from uncorrected vision impairments worldwide, GVS hopes to close the gap. GVS’ CEO Myles Lewis said, “The partnership … is really just an extension of what we do. Our clients [are] the catalyst that allows us to donate the glasses on their behalf.” As our members continue to utilize their benefits with us, we will continue to reach as many people and communities as possible.

View our video for highlights from our trip.